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Connect to experts, professors, physicians, and instructors from anywhere. Get online Tutoring with WiFi, 1-on-1, 24/7 from anywhere across the globe. All of our tutors are PhDs and medical practitioners from top universities and institutions. Before becoming a tutor with TutorFinderUSA, tutors pass subject matter tests and undergo a background check. We use an online tutoring platform that is designed to meet the needs of your student. Try our PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE. We'll match the prices of key online competitors prior to your purchase. Schedule an appointment and send us your quote from our competitor. We look forward to meeting you! Try out our free Test Bank.

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Unlike other tutoring services, we specialize in science and medicine providing private tutors for high school (General and AP) courses, college courses, lab, Master's and Doctoral coursework. We also tutor advanced health science courses in neuroscience, pathology and gross anatomy and more.  New, prep for Clinical Rounds and ace your rotations.  A proven track record with the best tutors and competitive prices, we get results, improve grades and prepare students for national and international academic competitions such as Science Olympiad and Brain Bee.

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Test Prep:  SAT, ACT, PSAT, nursing, dental, medical boards examination. NCLEX, MCAT, PANCE, DAT, EMT, Paramedic and more. We match tutors to your needs. 

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